A passionate, committed and talented group of Advocates who really immerse themselves in their client’s businesses and believe in working collaboratively, with each other and with clients and associates.


Mr.Daniel C started his legal practice in the year 1973, exclusively in the field of Intellectual Property Rights. He came into limelight with his very first case, a landmark judgment passed in the “Gopal Toothpowder case” (1977-1 MLJ-286) it went on to change the very facet of issues concerning jurisdiction and action against passing off in India.

Lather he joined hands with UNR Rao, Senior Counsel, in the year 1974, and over three decades, he has been the pioneer in the field of IPR. Mr.Daniel and his team have done a remarkable progress in the field of IP law. Some of the cases have resulted in ground breaking judgments, including the Supreme Court of India. He has been very passionate in his approach towards intellectual property law. His strategy in dealing very complicated cases has earned him many accolades.

He has been the cornerstone and the guiding light behind our growing success.


Gladys has been practicing, IP Law since 2000. graduated from Dr.Ambedkar Government Law College, Chennai. She has represented her University in prestigious international moot court competitions held in Vienna, and emerged as a semi-finalist. She was the first Advocate to reach that level in India.

Along with Mr.Daniel, her father and team of lawyers she has been instrumental in giving a new thrust and dimension to this field of IP law in India. She has handled cases of clients of various other reputed associate law firms in India.

She assists many senior counsels in some of the landmark cases that have answered many unanswered questions, considering the recent yet rapid growth of intellectual property law in India.

She handles high profile litigations in the Madras, Delhi High Court and Supreme Court relating to trademarks, patents and copyrights.